Jan, 2024

The KOMMA Collective 

The exhibition is curated by the Amsterdam-based German/Maltese filmmaker and curator Samira Damato in collaboration with the students. The Komma Collective at the Grey Space, Den Haag, NL.

The KOMMA collective, is a collective of over 45 students from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) Photography Department, embarking on their journey into the professional field and presenting their work.

Through this educational programme, Samira Damato curated the exhibition in collaboration with the students.

9th Nov, 2023 

Paris: ‘Doubt & Belonging’ 

‘Doubt & Belonging’ on queer visual histories in the photographic medium, curatorial talk by Samira Damato

1 Nov, 2023 

Paris: Pride Photo Exhibition

The Pride Photo 2023 exhibition 'The Process of Change' curated by Samira Damato on show at the Atelier Néerlandais, from the 1st to the 12th of November.

7 Sept, 2023

ĦOLMA at EuroPride 2023

EuroPride 2023 kicks off with ĦOLMA. at its heart. Showcasing the incredible works of the 'Representing Pride' photographers, a dedicated outside exhibition has been launched, with an extended inside exhibition in the prestigious Spazju Kreattiv venue in Valletta.

28 July, 2023 – Queer Currents

Pride Photo: ‘Doubt & Belonging’ by Samira Damato

‘A Dream of Osiris’ – © Andrés Pérez

Curator of the Pride Photo Awards 2023, Samira Damato, will sit down with Queer Currents on the 28th of July to take a look at the works that make up this year’s photographic collection. Exploring some of the urgent stories behind the images, and expanding on the visual languages engaged in the works and what they represent. Through this, Samira aims to detangle the challenges and misrepresentations faced by many, and further illustrate the importance of greater awareness and connection with, and within, the Queer community.

1 January, 2023  

EuroPride 2023

Malta Pride 2022 
EuroPride 2023 officially selected ĦOLMA's educational programme as a main part of their activities and events. The residency programme will run for 6 months and select 8 photographers to showcase their works at the EuroPride 2023 festival.